The idea for PASEO was born out of an interest in my own identity and relationship with colonialism and colonial legacies in Latin America, specifically Colombia. Paseo is a response to a quote in Ciro Guerra's El Abrazo de la Serpiente (2015). During the film, Karamakate leads German explorer Theo to a small town of native people who grew the last few yakruna plants in the Amazon. Once they arrive, gunshots are heard in the background and the indigenous peoples flee the scene screaming "the Colombians are coming." This quote made me consider my role in "the dynamic reconstitution of entrenched [colonial] legacies" in Colombia.

Paseo hasn't been a complete solution to my identity crisis. Rather it is meant to be a tool to explore and complicate the colonizer-colonized dichotomy in Colombia and initiate a larger study of the role of non-Indigenous Colombians -and consequently Latinos- in perpetuating colonialism. In doing so, I hope that Paseo is a useful tool and that the conversations it sparks contribute to a larger scale deconstruction of the colonial logic in Latin American society.

In tumultuous times, I hope PASEO challenges and reshapes Colombian identity.

- Click play and go down (arrow key).
- Interact with as many characters as possible.
- Click Resources after being done

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